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Peanut Roasting Machine

Peanuts and roasted peanut provide more protein than any other nut (about 7-8 grams of protein per one ounce serving).
Peanuts are also nutrient dense and provide a balance of nutrients including fiber, potassium, , vitamin E, thiamin, magnesium, and healthy fats.
In addition, roasting with peanut oil and/or peanut flour can add a nutritious punch to your foods. Peanuts are a versatile source of nutrition and considerable research is underway to provide more information on the role peanuts can play in a healthy diet.

Continuous Nut Roaster fits for low temperature drying and high temperature roasted nut and other seed products, heat supply is divided into Naturel Gas and diesel.
Peanut roasting oven ,originally set temperature of oven can be regulated via regulating proportional burner controller and parameter of electric steam valve at top of oven so that low temperature drying and high temperature roasting can be finished.

Peanut roasting machine structure and function: multifunctional oven is composed of feeding part, roasting part, cooling part, dehuminification part,discharging part and vibration screen part.
Different areas are insulated for minimum heat loss and lowest running cost. Also used for Peanuts,sunflower seeds,pumpkin seeds,cashew nut,house beans,almond,walnuts,hazelnut,Pistachios, ,pistachios etc.
The design has realized the re-circulation of roasting air and decrease the energy consumption.

Advantage :
1.It reduces the labor,improves operating efficiency.
2.It has reasonable heat distribution design to make the airflow uniformity,thus ensure the uniform roasting resulting obtainable.
3.It has integrated cooling system to prevent the over-roasting and keep the nuts at the optimum condition.
4. It has facility designed to realize the re-circulation of roasting air.hence decreases the energy consumption.
5.Every door on both sides can be opened for easy cleaning.
6.Different areas are insulated for minimum heat loss and lowest running cost.
7.High degree of automation, thermostats, heat can be by electric, gas heating other heating methods. Using a circulating fan heat exchange to achieve strong airflow roasted, roasting improve efficiency, increase roasting quality.

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