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Coffee's useful properties
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Coffee's useful properties
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Coffee's useful properties
Coffee is a miraculous beverage that is loved and enjoyed in the past and today. Most of us cannot start the day without drinking coffee.Coffee, which is consumed with big love, is a selective plant. Coffee, which receives abundant precipitation, loves a humid and warm climate, is grown in places where the tropical climate is seen. Factors such as the structure of the soil, the water it receives, and the condition of sunbathing affect the growth of coffee. Now let's come to coffee types; A) Coffee Bean Types In fact, there are two types of coffee plants that are cultivated the most in the world. Arabica and Robusta ... Liberica and Excelsa coffee types are cultivated to a lesser extent. Arabica coffee makes up seventy percent of the world coffee production and has a more delicious and pleasant aroma. Robusta coffee constitutes thirty percent of world coffee production. The flavor of Robusta coffee is harsh and evident compared to Arabica. Liberica coffee is very low in flavor and due to being sooty, its production is very low. Excelsa coffee is a subspecies of Liberian and has a strong aroma. B) Coffee Types by Countries The coffee plant is affected by the soil and climate characteristics, which makes it named according to the countries where it is grown. It is called Brazil coffee in Brazil, Colombian coffee in Columbia, Ethiopian coffee in Ethiopia and so on. C) Coffee Types According to Roasting Method Coffee beans have been roasted in pans in the past and grinded with hand grinders. Today, coffee roasting is done with coffee roasting machines of various sizes. Coffee is roasted in coffee roasters in light, medium and dark colors. While those who love mild coffee prefer light and medium roasted coffee, those who like tough and more dominant coffee aroma prefer dark roasted coffee.
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