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EKOROAST produces roasting machines with continuous roasting principle. Nuts, sunflower seeds, coffee continuous roasting machines provide high efficiency to the manufacture. Massive product output, chain circulation process, desired product quality is what our continuous roasting technology supply to the manufacture. Automatic roasting lines with the least human intervention allows production run systematically. Continuous roasting ovens might be operated for continuous drying purposes either. Roasting machines with continuous operating system obtain peanut, hazelnut, almond, cashew and pistachio homogenous roast and excellent taste. Homogenous roast is a main distinction of our continuous nut roasting equipment from others. Latest technologies, high quality materials and qualified craftsmanship is a base of our company that make our machines resilient and productive. Products may be dried in the continuous nut roasting machines by low temperatures in order to achieve the necessary product humidity before roast. We offer energy saving roasting machines with the lowest operating cost.
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