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Peanut Roaster Machine
Peanut is preferred in a roasted form mostly. Millions of people consume roasted peanut with different spices and flavors in front of TV, in a group chit chat and even in a car while travelling somewhere. In this case peanut manufacturers have to be cautious when purchasing roasting machine for peanut, because the product at the result should be safe for health and contain no harmful substances. Peanut roasters should be made fully with stainless steel 304. There are different roasting technologies. Peanut can be roasted or fried. Peanut roaster machines with hot air circulating system is used by many big manufactures in the world. This technology is highly recommended nowadays. Main feature is getting an even and tasty roast on the stainless steel wired belt, where peanuts roast with hot air from up and down. Please contact us for more information about peanut roasting machines, we’ll give our best prices.
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