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Nuts are consumed lovingly in our world and in our country. Each country has its own nuts consumption habits. Some countries love peanuts, while others don't know about seeds or Brazil nuts at all. Oilseeds and fruits grown according to the climatic characteristics of each country constitute the nuts culture of that country. The numerous health benefits of each of the nuts have been scientifically proven and the consumption habits of the past have increased the consumption of nuts today. Especially our country is in a very good position in terms of variety and quality of nuts. Our country ranks first in the production of Black Sea Hazelnut, Pistachios, Malatya Apricot and Sultani Grapes. In addition, Turkey is an important position in the production and export of leblebi. The variety of nuts formed by fertile soils and various climatic conditions has also led to the development of the nuts machinery sector. Sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, nuts harvested by farmers at the time are stored under favorable conditions. Nuts stored under favorable conditions are roasted in the most delicious way in rotary or taped nuts machines. In addition, almond sugar, leblebi sugar and honey & sesame peanuts are obtained from nuts such as roasted almonds and peanuts. 

Plain, salty, sugary and spicy nuts are produced with nuts machines suitable for everyone's taste. Our country is rich in the variety of products in nuts and the nuts sector is growing day by day in our country and in the world. It has an important position especially in the production and export of Denizli Nuts Roasting Machines. Denizli is the first stop for those who want to buy Nuts Roasting Machines both at home and abroad. Denizli Nuts Machinery Manufacturers add added value to both the nuts sector and our country by making high standards of quality Nuts Roasting Machines. As KMS Nuts Roasting Machinery, we are a company specializing in nuts roasting machines that contribute to both our country and the world.
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